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The Govna's Comedy Hour with Cris Fowler


The Merry Widow
51 S Conception St 36602 Mobile United States
The Govna's Comedy Hour is The Merry Widow's monthly standup comedy showcase. Once a month we bring in the best emerging talents in the standup comedy scene and put them live, for one night only, on our stage. These will be comedians you haven't seen in films or on TV, the only way you can see them is to venture into their natural environment i.e. bars and comedy clubs such as ours.

As a headliner this month we bring you the handsome, lactose intolerant, turtle loving CRIS FOWLER. Cris hails from Orange Beach and has been gratifying strangers in darkened rooms across the South since 2011. His unique style combines music, props, costumes and impressions into a multimedia assault that keeps audiences in stitches.

His regular hosting and headlining sets have made him one of the most popular comedians in the burgeoning Gulf Coast comedy scene. You may remember him opening for Kyle Kinane right here at The Merry Widow. That's Cris in the picture above. I told you he liked turtles.

Also on the packed bill, a local favorite, CARSON TAYLOR. As a man entering fatherhood before he is emotionally or financially ready, young Carson surprises audiences with intelligent, well written standup that reveals a deep understanding of the comedy art form. No picture of this one, just imagine if Tony Clifton lost the lounge suit and went on an extreme diet. Yeah, that's Carson.

But wait, there's more! Also on the show, we have RYAN JETTEN. Ryan is a pillar of the Mobile comedy scene, founder of the long running Comedy Whatever shows that have attracted nationally touring comedians as well as nurturing local comedic talents. And a pretty good comic in his own right.

As usual, the Gov'na shall be your host for the evening. He's the scruffy dressed, middle aged Brit in the bowler hat. You can't miss him. Looks like Dave Gilmore ate the rest of Pink Floyd and then decided to cosplay Clockwork Orange.

Thursday June 2nd, doors 8pm, show 9pm, $5 cover, tell your friends. Oh, and it's an adult show. Plenty of vulgarity, blasphemy and filth. Just so you know.