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Slave Leia Day 2016!


Alchemy Tavern
7 S Joachim St 36602 Mobile United States
It's Slave Leia Time again!!! On MAY 28th, we will have a Star Wars costume party in conjunction with MobiCon, upstairs at Alchemy. We will have a live band (hopefully dress in Star Wars costumes as well) and madness! I'm opening this up to the public this year, and relinquishing it as my child. Anyone who wants to dress as Slave Leia is welcome to. I however probably won't be able to buy costumes this year, so I suggest you put away a smidge in the next two months and buy your own. They're about $35 on Amazon right now. This event will be combined with others as time goes along (The costume party in general, and the band's "show announcement" off the top of my head) but I just wanted to get this ball rolling.