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John Calvin Abney with Shonna Tucker and Porter!


Callaghan's Irish Social Club
916 Charleston St 36604 Mobile United States
3 incredible musicians in one night!
John Calvin Abney doesn’t stand still. He’d be the first to tell you that.
Abney originally made his name as a rowdy side man, playing guitar, pedal steel, keys and drums for a number of other acts. Thanks to years of extensive touring, both solo and as a gun-for-hire, Abney is possessed of some impressive instrumental stage chops.
Few songwriters can weave so seamlessly in and out of genre that listeners are left wondering if they indeed heard what they thought they heard. And if they listen again, they’re likely to hear something else. Abney’s songs can be both frenetic and meditative, deeply affectionate and mired in loneliness, and, like Abney himself, both road-weary and ready for adventure.

Shonna Tucker is an Alabama born and bred soul southerner currently residing in Athens, Georgia on a small farm. She spends her days raising chickens and donkeys while writing, playing and singing her heart out come nightfall. A free spirit, she speaks her mind without holding back the good stuff.

Formally an alternative country, southern rocker as bass player and singer for the Drive-By Truckers, Shonna is now more in touch with her feminine side, drawing from such influences as Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline and the soul singers she grew up listening to. Her sweet southern voice is the perfect combination of ingredients for a good ‘ole home baked pie!

Chris Porter has been a fixture in the Southeastern music scene for over a decade, fronting bands like Some Dark Holler and The Back Row Baptists. Porter now resides in Austin, Texas. Porter’s tunes often tell dark and desperate stories of real american life.

Porter spent his formative years in the music business sharing the songwriting and lead vocal duties in his previous projects, The Back Row Baptists and Some Dark Holler. Upon making the decision to leave the comfort of shared pressure, it took Porter over a year to conceptualize, write, and record his debut solo release, This Red Mountain (TRM). He considers it to be the most sincere work of his career and every aspect of its creation reflects this sentiment. Weaving in and out of lives filled with heartbreak, loss, redemption and joy, the songs of This Red Mountain reveal the story of a man’s lowest lows and the difficult journey back to peace and perspective, living his life on his terms. “I reckon that guy is a lot like me,” says Porter.
7pm, $12